Friday, July 31, 2009

The setting sun

I'm back from a 4 month long hiatus! Not that I planned it that way, it just happened. I've been pretty busy over the last few months. I haven't stopped taking pictures, so I do have a lot of them that I want to talk about.

Here are a few that I took of the sun setting on the shores of Shilshole Bay (The great blue Pacific!) in the Golden Gardens Park, just South of Seattle. The three pictures were taken over the span of about two hours.What I like best about them is that the water is literally shimmering in all three pictures, albeit in a different light. It was a sunny and hot day, so there were lots of kids playing around and people sailing in the water. The setting sun proved a perfect backdrop for such subjects.

These pictures remind me of a very beautiful Marathi song by Lata Mangeshkar - 'Mavaltya dinakara, arghya tuz jodun donhi kara'...

After downloading all the pictures, I put one up as my desktop background. Funny thing is, I find my eyes have trouble adjusting to the bright sun on my desktop! Don't my eyes understand the difference between actual brightness and an image of brightness?!!?!

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