Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cooking adventures

I am anything but adventurous in cooking! Adding a few impromptu raspberries in the loopy honey nut cereal (my husband's breakfast this morning), is in my definition, an adventure... If there ever was a rigid eater, I'm it! I try to follow recipes that my mother & grandmother and anyone before them followed. If green chilies are what needs to go in a dish, I will not make that dish with red chili - spoils the taste you see :-) I like to call myself a puritan, has a nice ring to it! On an interesting side note, my mother has, over the past decade or so, begun experimenting and has done well while I am determined to follow the path...

On the same note, I'm not that much of an enthusiastic cook either! So when anyone goes all out and makes awesome dishes - they deserve much admiration... Here's an example - Poonam's Cooking Adventures. Although I've never had a chance to partake in any of these delights, I'm told they taste wonderful! And more than the taste, I visit her blog for the pictures she takes! Way to make food look really really delectable :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will I ever be as good?

Time and again, I am reminded how much there is to learn. Case in point - Taral's flickr page! I generally avoid going to flickr - it only succeeds in bringing my morale down... Yeah, I know - one should look at pictures taken by others and learn from them! But doesn't work with me - it only reminds me how good others are and how there's a lot to do on my part before I can be that good, if at all! Be it Taral's degree in design or his inherent creativity, he succeeds in making regular people pictures look really beautiful - especially b&w pictures, many sepia. Here's a shout out to you Tarya, love your work!

Most of his pictures are people pictures - that brings another thought - should I wait a specific amount of time before declaring myself as one specific photo type of person or another? Its been almost a year since I've been sort of paying attention while clicking pictures. Have mostly taken nature & environment pictures. But even in those, there's a distinct majority of macros - or at least what I call macros. Technically, not all of them are macros, most just close-up pictures. So anyhoo, should I concentrate on macros from now on and generally give up the big picture photos? Should anything macro be fine or flora-macro, fauna-macro be decided? Whaddyathink?