Monday, February 9, 2009

Think, point, click, and crop

Point and click,
Think, point and click
Think, point and click and sometimes crop...

This is how I've slowly graduated in my photography adventures. For the longest time I wasn't too much into photography, but loved to have lots of pictures. That point and click phase passed quickly though, when I realized that half the photos weren't coming out well. Then there was this extended phase where I would think, then point and click. But I refused to tamper with the picture - no changing effects, no tuning, no cropping... nothing... I believed that I would compromise the very essence of being a serious photographer. Because of that, I would end up with pictures (especially the ones destined to be macro pictures) where composition seemed to be thrown out the drain! Here's an example - I had gone strawberry picking last Summer with a few friends. One of them picked up a stick with a small beetle on it and I jumped at the opportunity of taking a picture. But the beetle was so small that no matter what I did, the macro setting on a Canon A530 wasn't good enough to capture it. The moment I zoomed in with the macro setting to capture just the beetle, the focus would go out of whack. I tried different things - even asked my friend to hold the beetle in the sun vs. shade (all this while the poor beetle was trying to escape! sorry!). So finally I gave up, zoomed out and here's the picture...As a memory, this picture was good, but I didn't see any photographic value in it. So I decided to crop it... yes, I cropped! Thank god Picasa asks if the original image should be saved or not.. Here's the result -
Now, I agree that standing on it's own, this picture has a flaw - it is not crisp enough - looks pixelated (is that even a word?!??!). But whaddya think? My friend's hand created the background, the beetle stood out with a fair amount of focus on it, and if you watch closely, you can even see a small water droplet on it's back!!!

I'm in a phase now where cropping a picture once in a while is okay. At least it gives me some lessons in composition and all that! Fraudulent transaction? I think not! :-D

Oh btw, Happy new year! I know it's February, but this is my first post in this new year.