Saturday, February 23, 2008

The beauty of macro photography

Even after deciding to write every week I'm coming back to this blog after 3 weeks. I took this picture moments ago with my digital camera. I was on auto & macro settings. I tried a few times with manual setting by changing the fstop (aperture) and shutter speeds (exposure), but somehow I still don't have the hang of those! The picture keeps coming grainy - I guess that's my clue to fiddle a little more with shutter speed. I should keep trying - as my digital photography teacher keeps saying - but I haven't done that yet. Maybe this'll give me a good practice.So, coming back to my love of macro photography - even without the auto-macro setting or manual changes, I've tried to take these kind of pictures. I think I like macro photography because it shows the inner workings - its as close as you can get to your subject! With a bigger, better & meaner camera I guess this picture can be taken even without the macro setting. But I'll only know more about this if I keep clicking :) So here's to the hope of doing/learning/achieving something other than what I will call "work" in my life!